Adolescence and Gambling

Adolescence is  a crucial stage of one’s life. This is the stage that they get curious on different things. This is also the stage that they get to know different people with different attitudes, opinions, hobbies  and believes. This stage is where the person need to be careful for whatever they do because it might greatly affect them if they are not careful enough with the decisions they are making and the people they are making friends of.

Getting curious on things is not a bad thing per se. But making sure that you won’t make bad decisions just to satisfy your curiosity is not an  easy feat.  Guidance from people you trust  and love is really an important factor.

Gambling is one of the things that the youth might get curious with. They usually starts with small gambling that in the beginning they would not even think that they are gambling and considers it as  just killing time.

Gambling problems won’t be a factor if the person has a great control of what he does.  If he knew just to gamble enough and know when its time to stop, then gambling is fine. It only means that he was not totally eaten by the vice. Having control on the things that you do is a great vantage point.  The maturity with the younger age is a pleasant attitude.

How does young people gamble nowadays?

Younger generations have  wide knowledge of the  technology. They could do things through the internet and this includes gambling. The young ones usually starts betting on e-sports and from there transitioned to other games that they could stumble upon on the world wide web.  There are tons of websites that will definitely give them different choices of games that can give them a run for their money and give then an adrenaline rush.  This website is a very good choice.

The youth just have to remember to always do things in moderations. Control your habit and other things will fall into place for you. Do not overdo gambling because it might affect you and your relationship with the people that surrounds you. Make sure to give your self limits. Gamble only small amount of money so that if you loose, it is not regrettable.  And when you win make sure that you stop when it’s necessary. The bigger amount you gamble might get you in trouble. Never think of  “ I might win so I will play more”.  Stop it before it could get you in trouble.

 Remember that everything that is too much is bad.

There is nothing wrong in trying something new as long as you know when you needed to stop. Aside from it you also have to realize that trying knew things will add to your life experience but I suggest to never ever do drugs, don’t even get curious on it kiddos.

How The Gambling Industry Affected By Corona

The economy has greatly affected by the global pandemic. It has affected the lives of everyone all around the world. So many parts of  the different industry collapsed due to the corona virus. Many people lose their jobs because some company are greatly affected by the  virus that they need to let some of the manpower go.

Due to the corona virus many events has been postponed and cancelled. Everyone has to follow the social distancing protocol.  And the gambling industry is not different from those  affected by the pandemic.

Land based casinos are closed and the revenue continuously declining. This is for the the reason that people nowadays, even the punters themselves are scared to go outside of their homes for the  fear of getting infected of the virus. This is a disadvantage for the land based casinos but  good news for online casino websites.

With the fear instilled  in the minds of the gamblers, they find new ways to still fulfill their gaming and gambling needs. And the answer to that are the online websites that offers games similar to what you can find and play on physical casinos.  Gamblers can find different online gambling websites and enjoy the same quality, excitements and thrill.

With the lock downs being implemented throughout the world, gamblers don’t have to worry of going outside the safety of their homes. They only need to have their devices to enjoy gambling. Having an easy access to the internet and having your desktops, laptops, or even your smart phone will give you the chance to play casino games online.

Online gambling websites offer similar games with physical casinos. Wanting to play poker, slot games and live casinos? You would have not to worry because all of this and a whole lot  more can be played through online. Play casino games in the comfort of your home even when you are  on your pyjamas.

Sports betting is also greatly affected by the pandemic. Many sporting events are postponed and cancelled.  This is largely because of the social distancing protocols and gathering with massive crowd in any parts of the world is not allowed in this time of the global crisis.  Sports betters look for other ways where they could still bet but making sure that their health and safety won’t be compromised.

One of the alternative that could consider was betting on e-sports.  Betting is done online, therefore there will be no physical interactions and betters can just participate through this. There are different sporting events that can be seen online with the likes of FIFA 2020 or the NBA 20K20 and also the IPL 2021 which is a large event for the Indians and the Cricket world.

Nobody knows how long  the casino websites will keep on thriving. But in this time it is surely gaining followers, players and gamblers and even some curious minds. It is surely benefited to this what we called “new normal” but we still do hope that everything will go back to place.

The pandemic has truly given everyone on all sides of the globe the hardest time. Everyone needed to abides the  guidance and protocols so that the virus will stop and all of us could go back to our normal lives. We are all looking forward to the time that we could back doing the hobbies and leisure that we enjoy outside without  getting scared to face other people and the the fear in our hearts that we might get sick and get infected if we interacts with others.

Let us all hope for a better world and lets accompanied it with prayers.

IPL is Back in India, in the midst of pandemic :IPL 2021

MumbaI Indian team is starting their campaign in becoming the first franchise to take home the three trophy’s of the most prestigious cricket league the Indian Premier League. The team started the campaign in an empty stadium in Chennai as the pandemic has made a gloomy chapter over the tournament. Two of four players from the Royal Challengers Bangalore team have tested positive from the virus in the secure team bio-bubbles and because of that the security is made needs to prolong  into a new eight week lockdown. The number of people affected by the virus is rising once again and some of the players of other teams have also got tested positive from the virus as a result of isolation for them. In Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium 10 ground staff have tested positive. The strict bio bubble will end on May 30 where all eight teams are included. The BCCI have provided bubble integrity managers to police each and every team.

Virat kohli said that bubble life is giving the players stress. He added, The scheduling needs to be observed in the future because staying in the bubbles for so long is going to be very difficult for the players. The president of the BCCI said that Indian players easily adapt to pandemic compared to foreign players. Kasi Viswanathan chief executive of Chennai Super Kings said that he had no worries over the competition, which is to be held in six arenas without any fans. England batsman Jonny Bairstow considers that IPL will fill in as great groundwork for the T20 World Cup, which will be held in India in October and November. Chris Morris will be the most pricey ever after he was purchased by Rajasthan Royals for $2.25 million. Morris, who last played an international for South Africa in 2019, said the consideration of the World Cup would help him.

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Dark Clouds of Covid looms over IPL 2021

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and its multiple Indian Premier League (IPL) stakeholders are facing an tremendous challenge right now. The 14th edition of the league hasn’t even started yet the fraternity is sweating because of the increasing number of Covid cases in the country.

From cricketers  to franchise officials, associated staff and consultants, groundsmen, the numbers are rising up by the day across venues. The main line of conversation right now is the tournament is going to begin in two days yet given the overall situation, will it resume as scheduled or it can be shelved?

Defending champions Mumbai Indians will face Royal Challengers Bangalore in the play-offs at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai on Friday and the stakes are extremely high.

Chennai reported an increasing number of Covid cases. The Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) is not allowing its guard down, with Chepauk playing host to four teams in the first leg: Mumbai Indians, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders.

Some venues like Delhi has already started taking precautions, even though they started hosting their share of seven IPL matches only from April 28. The Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) has decided to close the stadium from April 10, place the ground staff inside a bubble,prevent employees from using public transport. It has already completed the first round of vaccination for staff.

Mumbai, however, is one again the epicenter of Covid-19 fury. As much as the BCCI entitled to pat on the back for pulling off the 2020 edition of the IPL by transferring it to UAE, it has faltered on various fronts this season. Here are some of the areas where the board would have done better:

* The board weighed the option of transferring the tournament to UAE once again before deciding to administer it here. Many of the BCCI’s own stakeholders were convinced that transferring to UAE was the right choice.

* If there are no viewers, what was the need for six venues?

* The health guidelines were framed comparably late. Were there flaws in the guidelines and were quarantine windows breached? There were interruptions in the processing of visas for overseas players.

* The BCCI didn’t hire a safety and technology firm, like they hired UK-based Restrata a year ago in the UAE, to develop a central bio-bubble.

* There is no GPS tracking yet, something that was accomplished before the start of the tournament in the UAE.

* The booking of hotels either by the franchises or by the BCCI or in direction has been random. One team for instance is 10 kilometers away from the stadium in Mumbai and that too in a hotel that is portion of a commercial complex.

Royal Challengers Bangalore coach and previous Australian batsman Simon Katich, although, allayed fears,saying the bubble in the RCB camp was a strong one. They are very comfortable as a team with all the protocols and measures that are implemented because they had the tournament go off very smoothly in UAE a year ago. Is it obvious that the cases are a lot more in India this time around but at the moment they are at the team hotel, they travel securely and practising too. Its is very tight bubble and they don’t come contact in anyone else and they are confident with the people who ensure nobody violated that bubble, according to Katich.

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The Entire Players and Support staff of MumbaI Indians Tested Negative IPL 2021

All the players and supporting staff of Mumbai Indians was in a big relief after they tested negative for the Covid 19 virus, it is after the teams wicket-keeping consultant Kiran More tested positive for the said virus. The Mumbai Indians are busy in their training in Chennai in preparation for the upcoming 14th season of Indian Premier League against Royal Challengers Bangalore to start on April 9. The teams Training session needs to cancel to give way for all the players and supporting staff to get tested for Covid 19 due to the fact that wicket-keeping consultant Kiran More is with them in the same hotel in Chennai. Thankfully the team’s test result has already been released and it’s negative.

Wicket-keeping consultant Kiran More is asymptomatic from the covid 19 virus. The Mumbai Indians Medical team will continue to monitor Kiran More’s health and More said to be isolated following the health policy released by the BCCI. As per the BCCI, If tested positive from the virus the players needs to undergo the isolation provided outside the biosecure for the minimum of 10 days from the first day of symptoms or the date received of the sample which went positive.

Some of the ground staff members tested positive from the covid virus that makes the Mumbai Indians whole team feel gloomy. In the report, on April 5 one plumber and two ground members tested positive and On April 6a nother 10 ground staff had also tested positive from the virus at the Wankhede. All the ground staff needs to stay in the clubhouse inside the Wankhede stadium until the Mumbai leg is over in order to run the IPL safe for everyone participating.

Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals are the teams scheduled  to play at the stadium, as Wankhede Stadium is set to host 10 IPL matches for the 14 season.

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BCCI introduced New Person Responsible of Stopping Match-fixing During Tournament

With the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 about to launched on April 9, the BCCI has brought in the new “Anti-Corruption Unit Chief” to help keep the well-known and lucrative tournament as clean and fair as possible. Previous Gujarat Director General of Police (DGP) Shabir Hussein Shekhadam will be acquire from Ajit Singh, the previous DGP of Rajasthan, who performed as the anti-corruption unit chief from 2018 to March 2021. Though this job normally invites applicants, Shekhadam has been selected directly by Sourav Ganguly and the BCCI.

With the first match of the IPL 2021 season, between the Mumbai Indians and the Royal Challengers Bangalore, set to show up at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai, the franchises will be joined by the BCCI new  Anti-Corruption Unit Chief, Shabir Hussein Shekhadam. With the IPL being the most lucrative tournament for cricketers, Shekhadam will expect to get to work as soon as he arrive, revitalizing players on IPL’s code of conduct. He will be bolstered by the BCCI’s anti-corruption team as well as the integrity officers of each franchise.

Talking about his assignment to the post in Monday to reporters, Shekhadam said that he will going to Chennai the day after tomorrow and then onwards he will be operating around the IPL throughout the tournament. In the past there were cases but that is event of the past now. Some of the players may not be aware the process and the approach, so they have a very itemized presentation made for each and every new player. Their team integrity officer personally communicate with them and gave the presentation.

He also added that after his time with the Gujarat police and working for many other organizations he would like to use this lucky chance to help the BCCI if any anti-corruption activity takes place and also work towards carrying in a clean atmosphere around the gentleman’s game.

He is very happy because of the a few reasons, first, since he has he was in the police, he have a long-term experience in the anti-corruption cases. Secondly, he was crazy about cricket in his childhood. In his service in police, he used to organize cricket tournament and begun organizing a regular tournament for Gujarat state police and used to bear all services tournament, as he told.

In spite of the increasing rise in Mumbai corona virus cases and the new, Maharashtra lockdown rules coming into implement, BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly has established that the IPL 2021 will go as planned. The first match as per the IPL schedule is on Friday, April 9 among RCB and Mumbai Indians.

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Five instances when franchises opted for mid-season leadership change

Indian Premier League has always undertake as a platform for cricketers to improve their abilities, no mater what level they are playing at. For developing youngsters, IPL has been supporting them with a chance to get noticed. Considering that for the experienced guys, this league acts as a laboratory to test their expertise set, especially for the skippers of the franchise who lead a pack of 23-25 players for a period of 45 odd days.

The history of this cash-rich league contains a long list of players who have revealed their leadership skills at the same time. While some were newly appointed before the start of a new edition, some were lead the responsibilities in the middle of a particular season.

Let’s have a glance at those instances when the teams had to go for a mid-season captaincy change:

Anil Kumble takes over from Kevin Pieterson- Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2009

India’s spin legend and previous coach Anil Kumble took over the leadership of Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2009 after Kevin Pietersen gone out for national duty mid-way through the season. It was huge turnaround as Kumble lead the team to the season finale that year, in spite of struggling in the first half of the tournament. The team won six of their eight league games to accomplish third in the points table. RCB conquered Chennai Super Kings in the semifinals and hereafter lost to the Deccan Chargers in the final.

Rohit Sharma takes over from Ricky Ponting – Mumbai Indians in 2013

Ricky Ponting was named Mumbai Indians skipper in 2013 but the franchise struggled under his leadership in the first half of the season. Rohit Sharma recouped him midway and this move turned to fortunes of the franchise. Rohit led Mumbai Indians to their maiden title win. Rohit resumed to lead the Mumbai Indian and is presently the most successful skipper in the history of the league with five IPL titles and two Champions League titles.

Murali Vijay takes over from David Miller – Kings XI Punjab 2016

Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings) had disastrous beginning in the 2016 season. They succumbed to beat in five out of the first six games. The team management established to go for a leadership change and handed the burden to Murali Vijay. Although, the move didn’t pay off well as the completed at the bottom of the league for a second straight year.

Shreyas Iyer takes over from Gautam Gambhir – Delhi Daredevils 2018

Former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir comeback to Delhi Daredevils( now Delhi Capitals) in 2018 as skipper after spending seven successful years with Kolkata Knight Riders and leading them to two IPL titles in 2012 and 2014. But his return to his local franchise bring out to be depressing, as Delhi fail five out of the first six matches. However, Gambhir stepped down form his post and send the baton to 23 years old Shreyas Iyer, who led the re-branded  Delhi Capitals to a third place ended in 2019 and supervising the team to the final 2020.

Eoin Morgan takes over from Dinesh Karthik – Kolkata Knight Riders 2020

The KKR had a poor beginning to their campaign as they supervised to register just 3 wins in their first 8 games. Dinesh Karthik, who grappled with the bat and on-field decisions, chose to step down and the management gave the authority to England World Cup winning captain Eoin Morgan. The change worked as the team comeback to the winning ways but missed the ticket to playoffs because to a low net run rate. They completed fifth in the league stage with 14 points in their kitty.   

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No schedule of International games during IPL says Kevin Pietersen  :IPL 2021

The Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen  has demanded the BCCI to avoid the scheduling of International games during Indian Premier league games. He said that the cash rich tournament is the biggest show in town, because the players are choosing the IPL over International games. Kevin Pietersen is a former England International player, an occasional off spin bowler  who played in all three formats for England which he also became a captain in a short period of time and a right handed batsman.    

Michael Vaughan a former England captain, again started a discussion that he does not want the England players to get close with the players over the IPL because in the future they ended up losing some of their best players. He believes that if a player aged 26-27 has come to him and asked he is preferred the IPL than England campaign. He said that the England player can go on to the IPL. But In addition the players will eventually come back to him after a year or more.

In the recent report some of the African players are also leaving the ongoing Pakistan to participate in the IPL that is set to begin on April 9.  Also Shakib al Hassan has chosen IPL over Bangladesh International fixtures as he is part of the Kolkata Knight Riders team.

The Indian Premier League 14th edition is ready to start on April 9 in MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai with the starting match between Royal Challengers Bangalore against Mumbai Indians. The IPL 2021 tournament will be happening around six venues including Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Bangalore. The finale of the 14th season of the IPL will be in newly inaugurated Narendra Modi Stadiumin Ahmedabad on May 30 and all teams are set to play in a neutral venue.

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Huge blow for Delhi Capitals as THIS star all-rounder test positive for COVID-19

Indian Premier League team Delhi Capitals (DC) go through a major setback as their star all-rounder Axar Patel has tested positive for COVID-19 with about one week to go for the cash-rich league IPL 2021 battle between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals at the Wankhede Stadium.

He had checked into the franchise hotel in Mumbai on March 28, 2021 with a negative report. But for his report from the second COVID test came positive. He is presently in isolation at a assigned medical care facility, DC statement.

Axar is the second player after Kolkata Knight Riders batsman Nitish Rana to test positive for Covid. Rana tested negative for Covid on Thursday after resulting a positive result on March 22. Having sustained self-isolation after the positive result, he underwent a COVID-19 test on Thursday and he tested negative.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India SOP says a player who test positive for COVID-19 should isolate in the  assigned are outside the bio-secure environment for a minimum of ten days from the first day of symptoms or the date of compilation of the sample which resulted in a positive RT-PCR report, whichever is prior.

During the ten day isolation, the person must rest and prevent any exercise. The franchise doctor would regularly monitor the case. If symptoms get worse during the course of isolation, the person must be hospitalize urgently, the SOP states.

Things doesn’t look too good in Mumbai with ground-staff at the Wankhede Stadium testing positive for the virus. With the case growing in the state of Maharashtra, IPL franchises have begun feeling worried and are keeping fingers crossed with the 14th edition of the league set to get started from April 9.

Wankhede is set to manage10 IPL games this season from April 10-25. The first match at the Mumbai stadium is booked to be played on April 10 against Delhi Capitals and Chennai Super Kings.

Four teams- Delhi Capitals, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Kings have arrange their base in Mumbai as of now. Maharashtra reported 47,827 new COVID-19 cases and 202 deaths on Friday with Mumbai recording the highest every single day increase of 8832 new cases. It was the second day in a line that Mumbai reported more than 8,500 cases.                

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Josh Hazlewood decided to pull out of the IPL 2021

The Australian International cricketer and a tall pace bowler Josh Hazlewood who is also known for his accuracy and has been linked to the Australian  paceman Glenn McGranth has decided to pull out of the 14th edition of Indian Premier League to spend time with family and friends back in his home town to refresh. Spending too much time in various bio-secure bubbles and being in quarantine for different times is one of his reasons.  He said that he needs to spend some time  at home back in Australia for the next two months. He added that he wants to give himself a chance to be physically and mentally ready for the upcoming months of playing as there is a long tour with Bangladesh and the T20 World Cup which will be all happening in 12 months as it is also with Australia.

Before heading to the UAE where safety protocols were also strict, Josh Hazlewood and his teammates were going to undergo a secure Covid-19 isolation that happened in July last year before he left for England with Australia’s limited over teams where he was in strict bio-secure lock down as well.

In November.Josh Hazlewood started a two weeks of hotel Quarantine in Adelaide before going into the men’s International bubble which also has the rivals India and the  bubble with India completed in late January. The Australian bowler Josh Hazlewood goes after two other players Mitchell Marsh and Josh  Philippe in pulling out of the upcoming league, which is understandable that the other Australian players are considering opting out. Hazlewood only played three games under the MS Dhoni captaincy in the Indian Premier League 2020 and Josh also  battled for the likes for the bowling spot in XI against Sam Curran, Lungi Ngidi, Windies, Dwayne bravo and Moeen Ali.

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Shakib Al Hasan Names His Three Current Favorite Cricketers, Includes Ravindra Jadeja

Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan confess his three favorite current cricketers ahead of the IPL 2021. The 34 year old is presently gearing up for the 2021 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and has back home to Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) who purchase him for INR 3.20 crores in the auction.

The 2021 IPL is booked to get moving with the match against Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians on April 9. The tournament is condemn to be played across six cities, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. Ahmedabad will also host the play-offs and the final of the Indian Premier League 2021, which will be performed on May 30, 2021.4.2

Throughout the Facebook Live with Daraz, the previous Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan confess the names of his three favorite present cricketers. He named Kane Williamson of New Zealand and Ben Stokes of England as the two of the three players he  admire currently, although the third name was that of India’s all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja.

Shakib  should be coming face-to-face with all three of Williamson, Stokes, and Jadeja in the IPL. Stokes and Williamson play for the Rajasthan Royals (RR) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) accordingly, even as Jadeja use his trade for three-time champions Chennai Super Kings.

The ace all-rounder exposed that the 2023 World Cup to be played in India, would be his last tournament for the Bangladesh Tigers, nonetheless, if they decline to win the tournament, then his has proclaim inclination of playing till the 2027 World Cup.

Shakib had presently courted issue with the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) after he select to play in the IPL over taking part in the Test series between Sri Lanka. He also affirmed that BCB operation chairman, Akram Khan, misinform the media surrounding the matter.

BCB then declared that they will rethink the NOC set to Shakib. Later the all-rounder simplified that he wanted to play in IPL 2021 to earn experience before the T20 World Cup 2021, also to be performed in India.

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Kolkota knight Rider’s CEO Venky Mysore Says that the Concept of Playing in Neutral Venues is fair

Eight matches will be hosted by New Delhi and Ahmedabad while Kolkata, Bengaluru Mumbai and Chennai will host 10 matches for the 14th season of the Indian Premier League 2021 with following a group caravan format.

Mysore said it is always a bit disappointing when you can’t play at home venues but it is surely understandable and these are very tough and very uncommon  times as well because we have all been through this for over a year. CEO Mysore thinks that it is a fair decision  by playing the matches in a neutral and in the bio-bubble secure set up. While playing in the home venue is something that everyone is going to miss but it’s completely safe and understandable that they are doing this under this condition. CEO Mysore further said that they are careful because everyone who is concerned with the team likes serving at the hotel or the team management. Everyone in there is part of the Bubble.

The whole team and people involved  are very blessed to have highly qualified doctors on the board from last season up to  this season as well. The team also has a whole staff who’s equipped to take care of the entire team to take care of while inside the bio-bubble secure management.

Mysore is completely calm when talking about the performance of the Kolkata Knight Rider as the team have missed out on the second time . He said that IPL is an extremely  competitive Tournament on something they missed out on the qualifications. He still thinks that they have seven qualifications in the playoffs which means that they are a contender and always there as this is his 11th season with Kolkota Knight Riders.  He added that what they aim to do is to be a contender and then the right one has to earn not only to compete for the big prize, and being there is what’s important. CEO Mysore is hoping and looking forward to the start align for them, this  time in the IPL 2021 tournament.

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