Ex Indian wicket-keeper says IPL has a choice over domestic cricket

The Indian Premier League has provided the spotlight to a variety of promising young players who have gone on to become proven stars in their countries. Hardik Pandya, David Warner, Kieron Pollard and Jasprit Bumrah have made their names in the IPL before embarking on promising international careers. The cash-rich league has also been praised by many commentators with revolutionizing Indian cricket and enhancing the country’s standard of players.

There are some Indian cricketers, however, who have thought that IPL results were given greater significance than domestic cricket displays. Naman Ojha, the former Indian wicketkeeper-batsman who recently declared his retirement, also said that the IPL is more important than first-class cricket. Ojha said two strong IPL innings add more eyes to the IPL than scoring domestic cricket runs.

Ojha told Sportskeeda, “If you play domestic cricket and keep scoring runs then people will not look at those runs. In IPL if you play two good innings then you are in the Test team, the One-Day team, and the T20 squad.” He added, “I think you can select T20 teams from IPL but [not] for One-Day and Tests. [Because] then why play first-class cricket? Why spend so much? Because it takes a toll on your body. A lot of discipline and fitness is required for playing first-class cricket.”

Ojha kept on saying that playing at the domestic level is not easy.

Ojha concluded, “It’s not that easy to play at the domestic level because at the international level you get very good facilities, physios and masseuses available all the time. In domestic you are traveling on a 5 am flight, practicing and playing the match. It’s different and a bit difficult on the body.”

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