Does Gambling Needs Skills

For the majority gambling is a considered a game of chance and pure luck. But some research states that gambling enables one to practice  mathematical skills and strategical thinking. Gambling is a game that if you do not use your head it can get you in deep trouble. And the winning cannot rely everything on luck you got to use your skills to defeat your opponents. It needed a lot mental thinking  to totally understand the  game and have that edge over the opposing strategies. Although there are some games that purely relies on luck, one has to remember to always bring their tactics and strategies under their sleeves.

In order to survive the world of gambling one has to have strategies and keep honing it.

But when does gambling starts?

Knowing the exact date where it began is highly impossible to tract since it has been going for millennia. The time associated to the beginning of gambling was 3000 BCE. It was the estimated date when a pair of dice was found in a tomb in Egypt. Archaeologist says the dice found o its were used in the form of gaming.

In 2300 BCE in China, there were tiles that were excavated and it says that it belongs to  a chance of game.

In Greek writings around the 500 BCE  a sort of dice games was played in Rome.

In China Iin 800 CE, the first evidence of card games was present.

Poker games are one of the games that needed strategies.  While on the other hand slots, blackjacks and baccarats are games that purely rely on luck. Some gamble without the thought that they’re opponents may play with tactics and strategies. Thus leads them in losing the game because they did not prepared for it and just went there just to squander their money.

So the next time you try your luck on gambling and chose games that needing  tactics, make sure that you bring your strategies with you.

Adolescence and Gambling

Adolescence is  a crucial stage of one’s life. This is the stage that they get curious on different things. This is also the stage that they get to know different people with different attitudes, opinions, hobbies  and believes. This stage is where the person need to be careful for whatever they do because it might greatly affect them if they are not careful enough with the decisions they are making and the people they are making friends of.

Getting curious on things is not a bad thing per se. But making sure that you won’t make bad decisions just to satisfy your curiosity is not an  easy feat.  Guidance from people you trust  and love is really an important factor.

Gambling is one of the things that the youth might get curious with. They usually starts with small gambling that in the beginning they would not even think that they are gambling and considers it as  just killing time.

Gambling problems won’t be a factor if the person has a great control of what he does.  If he knew just to gamble enough and know when its time to stop, then gambling is fine. It only means that he was not totally eaten by the vice. Having control on the things that you do is a great vantage point.  The maturity with the younger age is a pleasant attitude.

How does young people gamble nowadays?

Younger generations have  wide knowledge of the  technology. They could do things through the internet and this includes gambling. The young ones usually starts betting on e-sports and from there transitioned to other games that they could stumble upon on the world wide web.  There are tons of websites that will definitely give them different choices of games that can give them a run for their money and give then an adrenaline rush.  This website is a very good choice.

The youth just have to remember to always do things in moderations. Control your habit and other things will fall into place for you. Do not overdo gambling because it might affect you and your relationship with the people that surrounds you. Make sure to give your self limits. Gamble only small amount of money so that if you loose, it is not regrettable.  And when you win make sure that you stop when it’s necessary. The bigger amount you gamble might get you in trouble. Never think of  “ I might win so I will play more”.  Stop it before it could get you in trouble.

 Remember that everything that is too much is bad.

There is nothing wrong in trying something new as long as you know when you needed to stop. Aside from it you also have to realize that trying knew things will add to your life experience but I suggest to never ever do drugs, don’t even get curious on it kiddos.

How The Gambling Industry Affected By Corona

The economy has greatly affected by the global pandemic. It has affected the lives of everyone all around the world. So many parts of  the different industry collapsed due to the corona virus. Many people lose their jobs because some company are greatly affected by the  virus that they need to let some of the manpower go.

Due to the corona virus many events has been postponed and cancelled. Everyone has to follow the social distancing protocol.  And the gambling industry is not different from those  affected by the pandemic.

Land based casinos are closed and the revenue continuously declining. This is for the the reason that people nowadays, even the punters themselves are scared to go outside of their homes for the  fear of getting infected of the virus. This is a disadvantage for the land based casinos but  good news for online casino websites.

With the fear instilled  in the minds of the gamblers, they find new ways to still fulfill their gaming and gambling needs. And the answer to that are the online websites that offers games similar to what you can find and play on physical casinos.  Gamblers can find different online gambling websites and enjoy the same quality, excitements and thrill.

With the lock downs being implemented throughout the world, gamblers don’t have to worry of going outside the safety of their homes. They only need to have their devices to enjoy gambling. Having an easy access to the internet and having your desktops, laptops, or even your smart phone will give you the chance to play casino games online.

Online gambling websites offer similar games with physical casinos. Wanting to play poker, slot games and live casinos? You would have not to worry because all of this and a whole lot  more can be played through online. Play casino games in the comfort of your home even when you are  on your pyjamas.

Sports betting is also greatly affected by the pandemic. Many sporting events are postponed and cancelled.  This is largely because of the social distancing protocols and gathering with massive crowd in any parts of the world is not allowed in this time of the global crisis.  Sports betters look for other ways where they could still bet but making sure that their health and safety won’t be compromised.

One of the alternative that could consider was betting on e-sports.  Betting is done online, therefore there will be no physical interactions and betters can just participate through this. There are different sporting events that can be seen online with the likes of FIFA 2020 or the NBA 20K20 and also the IPL 2021 which is a large event for the Indians and the Cricket world.

Nobody knows how long  the casino websites will keep on thriving. But in this time it is surely gaining followers, players and gamblers and even some curious minds. It is surely benefited to this what we called “new normal” but we still do hope that everything will go back to place.

The pandemic has truly given everyone on all sides of the globe the hardest time. Everyone needed to abides the  guidance and protocols so that the virus will stop and all of us could go back to our normal lives. We are all looking forward to the time that we could back doing the hobbies and leisure that we enjoy outside without  getting scared to face other people and the the fear in our hearts that we might get sick and get infected if we interacts with others.

Let us all hope for a better world and lets accompanied it with prayers.

Aspect That Drives Online Gaming Adoption and Penetration

With India’s unlimited potential that is aid by the young population, economic wealth, and gaming habits divulge largely its traditional capitalism. India has become on of the most exciting gambling markets for offshore online operators and casino upstanding, with  the populations of 1.4 billion.

Operators, affiliates and players was convinced that the traditional comprehension of the gambling regulations in India that offshore online gaming allows you to play with liberty and legally nationwide.  Some States are excepted in terms of potential and legislation ,  there was  no Indian based licensed online casino.

Casino games, online betting, and many pay per play types of game can be enjoy by budding players as long as they have a stable internet connections. Computers are not always a feasible option for most, the preferred device to access the online gaming platforms are smart phones. What comes into play with this is the importance of India’s thorough market size of young mobile users, largely globally, surpassing China in the category years ago.

As of November 2019 India reportedly have more than 504 million active users. According to some research aside from the increase of mobile users there is also an increase in internet penetration.

Kerala registered as the second highest penetration with 56% state wide Delhi being on the top with 68%. The two States having a large margin with others even the South that is considered technologically developed.  One of the major I.T hubs in the country , Karnataka only has 42% of the internet penetration.

As per KPMG recent report, the online gaming industry in India is growing at a rate of 22%. The the ‘digital population’ of India preferred to access their internet via their smart phones.

Online games have been adopted in stages with the likes of casual, social, free, multiplayer, since many Indians do not assign sufficient intrinsic value to paid gaming content .

E-wallets and prepaid vouchers as a modern modes of transactions have made depositing and withdrawing safe. A different types of users and the ease of transition to paid content was offer with a diversified monetization structure.

Even if gaming companies are ultra-careful in creating an awesome added entertainment value, for the sectors that are centred among financial transactions, money surely matters.

Foreign online gambling sites can easily offer gambling to desi players. Contrasting signals from political and legislative bodies do not currently have an effect on any State, adoption and usage patterns.

Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad lead the way. Pune, Ahmedabad, and Surat contributes as well to a better online gambling penetration in India, to a relative extent.

The Covid-19 pandemic has grounded practically every offline sector and online gambling and I-gaming helped gamers create communities and socialize.

India’s gambling population is rather diverse in economic and demographic terms, with complex behaviours habits and consumption patterns.

The natural growth of India’s online gambling market is attributed mostly to better internet penetration and rise in mobile device usage. Cheaper data packages and convenient cashless payment modes keep driving up the market size.

The Consequence of Gambling To Mental Health

Gambling undertakes in almost every side of the globe. But the Indians really love gambling. With reasons varying from fun and excitements for other players while for  others is to enjoy competing with other players.

As for some, they try to play to get the chance to win the offered cash prizes. Some use gambling as way to escape their financial problems. While just like the other past times and hobbies they take gambling as their escape to the reality, to forget some of their worries and stress.

A rapid increase of online casino  in India was seen for the last few years. And this online casino adjusted well for the Indian players. One of the reason for this increase is because you can now play with Indian Rupees on online casinos.

Gambling has an ultimate effect on us whatever our reason for playing it. It could have a positive and negative effects depending on the gamblers and the situations that surrounds them.

 A gambler can be identify in two major kinds; those who do moderately or sensibly and those who are totally addicted to it.

For the first kind, it is only a form of entertainment and just want to have some fun. While the latter is those who are addicted and developed problem with it.

The mental effects of gambling to Moderate or Sensible

  1. Moderate or Sensible Gambling Increases your focus and mental alertness. Gambling is a game full of strategies and tricks. A moderate gambler does succumb to pressure or form of obligation. He takes time to learn new skill set that could help him win the game and he take his time to apply and developed strategies. The learn strategies can also be applied in the other areas of life.
  • Improves your Decision-making skills. You need to decide on the bets to make, which moves to make and when it time for you stop. You need to make quick decisions when you play games and pay for making the wrong moves.
  • Improves brain power. Slot machines, poker ,rummy, teem Patti requires a lot of attention and this stimulate the neurons. It engaged the brain to play and be involved in the process.

The Mental Effects For Those Addicted to Gambling

  1. Depression. This is when the gambler spends more money than what he should. The gambler could loose all his money and could end up being in debt that could lead to several emotional and physical breakdowns.
  2. Disorder and Serious Health Problem. This happen if people has become an uncontrollable gambler that could lead to Pathological  Gambling. Pathological gambling or simply known as compulsive gambling is a disease wherein the gambler continuous to gamble despite the negative consequences of gambling. It could lead to chronic stress which can also result in more physical consequence with the likes of hypertension if it continue for long.
  3. Strained Relationship. When the gambling problem worsen, maintaining his personal relationship could become a problem. If the gambler is too pre occupied with gambling and isolates himself to just keep on playing. This could also lead to a feeling of shame or guilt that could overwhelm the gamblers.  This is also the reason why some gambler ends with great amount of debts. And with that they completely loose connection with the others.

4. Loss of Interest in Other Activities. Gambling addicts losses their interest in other social activities. He only thinks about gambling and totally neglect the other hobbies or activities. The worse condition is that they even see themselves gambling in their dreams and thinks of playing when they are awake.

The best way to gamble is to gamble moderately. Although it is best to remember that there are thin lines between playing moderately and getting addicted ,so everyone must take extra care. You have to maintain some balance when you are gambling.

Make sure to have fun. Do not see gambling as a form of making money. So that you will not get addicted to it.  You also need to limit the time you spend of gambling. Spend only a minimal amount of time for it. Don’t make it your life. Make sure that you still spends a lot of time to your family and friends. And spend only a small amount on it. In that case, there were be no chance of losing a huge amount on it. So you won’t be putting yourself to uncalled pressure to make money.

Things To Look Out For In Choosing An Online Casino

There was a massive evolution that face by the casino industry and that is due to the impact of technology in the recent years. Gone are the days that gamblers can only play in a brick and mortar casino that came with lots of disadvantages. For instance is its inaccessibility to all the gamers. Nowadays gamers can enjoy the the casino industry through the innovations of new platforms, cryptocurrency, virtual reality, augmented reality and live casinos has changed the industry completely. As of now, one of the fastest growing industry in the world is the casino  industry.

The most significant benefits of technology in the casino industry is having a platform in the online world. The highest quality and different versions of the  games can now be enjoy through online casino platforms that still provides the same thrill and excitement that comes from playing in the physical casinos. Through the discovery of online casinos playing games can now be played  with convenience. But choosing an online site that fits your taste could be a big challenge because there are too many online casino present as of today.

 To enjoy the game to the fullest, you have to make a good choice and in order to that you must look out for the following.

  1. Compatibility with Gaming Devices. Online casino employs the the service of reliable online casino software providers to get them the satisfaction they needed.  As one of the priority of the top online casinos are considers is the development  and design of online platforms that are the compatibility of it with any gaming devices with the likes of smartphones, laptop, tablet or desktop. With this gamers can enjoy the games in the best forms.
  • Gaming in Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is the best way to secure the value of your money especially in this time that the world is facing harsh ecomic times that brought by the global pandemic. In the recent years, cryptocurrencies is thriving for the reason that is not controlled by a central government, therefore, it is offer  to the gamblers so it can give them the ability to preserve the value of their winnings. This is a very reliable choice to make.
  • Security Sytem and Data Encryption. One of the issues that drives away the players is the fear that their personal information and finances maybe hack by the hackers and cyber criminals that roams online. On that note, the best online casinos employs the services of reputable data protection companies to sufficiently conceals their data ans secure their financial database servers from such fears. So you have to carefully choose services that are trustworthy.
  • 24/7 Customer Car Services. This is to provide then the services that the players might be needing in any given time, no matter how reliable the online casino platform can be. Having a 24/7 customer care services that the  players questions and concerns can be attended.  For whatever issues arises, be it financial transactions or inability to connect to online casino. Having this makes a good online casinos.

5.Bonuses and Incentives. Another thing that you must look is its bonuses and other incentives. A huge bonuses and discounts are provided by good online casinos. New players are allowed to play games for free by some of the online casinos. They do this, so that the newbies can play games for free and they can master the game and when they ready to gamble money they are offer  them little cash to support them.

6 The Variety Of Games. Popular game you could find in any casinos are Baccarat, poler, Progressive, Slots, and Roulette yet a good casino offers various versions of the games and a lot more. Hence, you need to look for this in an online casino in able for you to have more fun in  playing different games.

  • Live Casinos. This is an emerging technology that enables the gamers the chance to communicate with live dealers. Live casino has totally transformed the industry.  The chance of making more money is the offer that you can get in playing live casino.

This are the list that you can consider in choosing which online casino to play. If you still get confuse which to pick, go for a reliable source that guarantees great quality.

India’s Key Online Gambling Statistics

There was a spike in revenue and total players worldwide in online gambling. The  increase of amount of money spent on websites and apps continue to be a trend. There is a plethora of game contents in India. Despite being bombarded with gambling laws, international casinos has a successful marketing. The authorities are laying the groundwork for the full legalization of gambling as the interest among players continues to escalates.

Despite the apps operating in the uncertainty of the law in India, it still has one of the thriving internet gambling markets. In spite gambling being strictly  confined with the exclusion of lotteries and horse racing, for the non-Indian casino companies, it is not illegal to focus on Indian players. Becoming more of a global dominance more than what it has now if there were gambling laws to modulate the markets.

Even with the restrictions that is place real money gambling continue to grows every year at a rate of 20%. If the rate stays and continues like this, the market could exceeds 1 billion dollars in 2021. Due to the improved access of the internet in the country side, a strong trend has prosper when the government started to keep tabs on its growth in 2015.

In November 2019, out of the total of 504 million  there were 227 million active internet users in India, and there were  half a billion disclose of mobile devices users.

Eighty percent of Indians gamble at least once a year for the past decades be it in sports, games, slots, or casino tables.  The most popular betting is on horse racing. Betting online  on sports with the likes of hockey and cricket are common for Indians. Because of the accessibility on most mobile gambling platforms Slots and  Video poker are widely popular. These kinds of games will definitely gain more power due to the high reliance on mobile for online entertainment.

As Cricket considers as a national treasure for Indians, betting on the sports is offer by online gambling websites. The most wagered money was seen in the Indian Premier League. For betting legally and safely, the Indians bets via overseas online realtors.

Outside interest are being garnered  by the Indian’s gambling industry. The people are hoping that the other states in India will follow Sikkim, as it is the only state that  offers gambling licenses, with this, India can accumulate more revenue in this industry.

Online Gambling As A Side Hustle

People would have want to have an extra source of income. For those who want to stretched their salary looks for side jobs. Others do freelance work while others teaches online to supplement their work. Others decided to kill two birds with one stone. Online casino has soared with popularity over the past years, more so today due to  Covid -19 pandemic. As the passing of the time, casino has evolved and now offers  thousand of games, giving the players the chance to experience a live casino from home with live table games and made it available in several platforms with the likes of desktops, laptops, smart phones an smart watches.

How can Online gambling be a great side hustle if it is never been so accessible?

Free sign up bonuses

Most of online casinos offers welcome bonuses for new and returning players. It offers in different forms. It could be in the form of free spins for slot games or free money to be used on the site. You will still be earning money even if you loose for some casinos as they started to provide cashback incentive as welcome bonus.

As a result of this, the players could make money even before playing any games and give the player the chance to learn how the different game works. It is best to give a thorough read on the terms and conditions before registering or depositing the money. You could find great bonuses on this website.


So much had change for online casino. Gone was  the time that you’ll be needing a desktop that needs to plugged into a power source. The breakthrough of the technology made online casinos accessible through various platforms possible. Utilizing online casino on smart phones are nothing new, even so it is  comparatively new for some of the players to experience the same quality without sacrificing their mobility. This kind of  convenience offers players the ability to participate without being interrupted whilst  playing poker.

Relaxing and Enjoyable

There are people that don’t gamble or visits physical casinos just to make money.

Typically, they just do to it to simply enjoy clicking buttons or pulling lever for a slot to spin. With this, even the players who has a limited knowledge about games and casinos can earn money. Nonetheless, it is still better to research which slot games have the highest payback percentage and which amongst them pay out more often.

The ability to win won’t just be based on luck, learning about table games as it requires skills so it would be more profitable. And such information could actually be found in the internet.

Player can learn how to play different game on online casinos by using welcome bonuses, without the need to use their own money. The advancement of technology have allowed players to gamble using their smart-phones that had a huge influence the efficiency of playing without getting to much interruptions. Slot machines games are really enjoyable gaming experience as it is very simple to use.

Legalizing Gambling In India

The relationship of India and gambling can be compared to that of ill fated lovers that are endlessly part with each other but still finds way to end up in each others hands through persistence repeatedly. Gambling existence in India is as old as the country but generally it is banned throughout the country.

The Public Gambling Act of 1876 still holds power in most of the states in India. A law that prohibits the citizens in visiting or running gambling houses. With the states of Goa and Sikkim exempted to the rules since both of the sates are permitted to create their own laws related to gambling. Furthermore, offshore vessels and five star casinos are also included to the exception. As mandated by the law, Daman and Dui Public Act of 1967 Goa can also facilitate land based casinos.

There are  some flaws on the existing constitution that still needs clarity. There are no clear boundary with skills of game and skills of chance. Such boundaries need to be clarify because games of skills are omitted from the scope of gambling. Game of chance maybe not but there are tons of games that involve gambling but also needed certain level of skills such as Rummy. The  the reason  that could  lead to  being misinterpreted and misapprehend.

Online casino is also another matter that has to be considered. The act that regulates cyber activities in India, The Information Technology Act of 2000, betting or gambling was never mentioned.  Hence,  casino sites that focused on Indian players are offered by off-shore companies.  Due to the current restrictions the growing market cannot magnify by the Indian casinos.

Online gambling as a new industry has receive diverse responses from the different states. Sikkim planned to offer three gambling license in 2020 that gone awry. On the other hand, online gambling is continuously banned for the people of the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The old tale of gambling being a dangerous habit still remain. There are practical and beneficial reason for the improvisation of the regulation of gambling instead of maintaining a total ban, although for someone it is really a controversial issue.

Gambling in India is widely prohibited but we listed some benefits that could be attained if gambling is to be legalized.

  1. Higher Tax Revenue. Income tax, good and service tax has been collected from some existing gambling modes. With the legalization of gambling, licensing fees can be collected. With this, imagine how much the country could gain that could help with the new infrastructure with the likes of school and hospitals.

2. Increase of Employment and Business Opportunities. The number of employment will increase with the legalization of Indian Casinos.

3. Opening New Avenues for Tourism. People will look for new places that they can experience new thing and they will surely try to come to India to have a glimpse of the culture and tradition.

The Thrill of Gambling

If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stake, and the quitting time

Chinese Proverbs

Every gamers seek satisfaction in playing and winning games. Every gamblers seeks satisfaction on betting and winning games. It is human nature to gamble on things.

We gamble in our daily lives amidst not knowing. We make simple bet, and there is a different fun and thrill on doing such. The feeling of excitement every time we bet on trivial things.

What more be the feelings if betting involves money and knowing you get the chance that it could be doubled or tripled? The feeling is definitely thrilling that might give you goosebumps. Have you ever imagine yourself gambling real money? Have you ever thought what would you do if you win perhaps, millions? How about loosing? Does the thoughts of losing your well earned money through gambling has ever occurred to you? How far are you willing to go for gambling? When would you know if you needed to stop not to loose all that is left?

Gambling money is dangerous especially if you are not careful on how you play and bet. Gambling is not just a simple thing to do, you’ll be needing strategies and you must know how to read situations. With this you’ll get an upper hand with your opponents. And the chances of you winning would be on a plus side.

You should not just go and gamble without a clear state of mind. Winning should always your main goal. But you have to remember that not all who plays ended up as winners. You should also remembers that your opponents will be having the same mindset as yours. To play the game to win. That they also go there with strategies.

You should bear in your mind to gamble with just the right amount. You need to know when it is time to stop betting so that you won’t end up totally losing not just your money but also your sanity.

Make sure to gamble with moderation. And if you want to try gambling on an online casino there are websites that gives amazing offers and bonuses for the new players and old alike. Visit the site for more of the perks and details and see for yourself the the excitement and thrill  of the online website offers.