History of Cricket in India

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a field at the centre of which is a 20 metre pitch with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced  on three stumps. One team is batting, tries to score runs, while the other team is fielding tries to prevent this.
When ten batters have been dismissed, the innings ends and the teams swap roles.
Cricket is a very versatile game and has been opted in different formats and popular ones are One Day International (ODI) and T20. In India, it is played in the gullies of Indian cities with the most memorable of bats and balls.

Who invented Cricket?

Cricket was probably created during Saxon and Norman times by children living in Weald. The first definite reference is dated Monday, 17 January 1597.

When cricket started in India?

It was introduced to India by the British sailors in the 18th century, and the first cricket club was established in 1792. A touring team led by the English gentleman cricketer Lord Hawke played a match against the “All India” team in January 1893.
 india played its first Test victory, against England in Madras (now Chennai). The game developed so fast in India. With the growth of Indian Premier League in the early 21st century, it became the undisputed home of T20 cricket and the financial hub of the international game, though the popularity of Test Cricket has declined dramatically in India. India’s prominence in one-day cricket was further confirmed when it won the Cricket World Cup in 2011.

Who started cricket in India?

The British brought cricket to India in the early 1700’s, with the first cricket match played in 1721. The Parsi community in Bombay formed the Oriental Cricket Club, the first cricket club to be established by Indians. The Europeans eventually invited the Paris to play a match in 1877.

Who is the father of cricket in India?

Name: Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji II

Born: September 10, 1872 at Sadodar, Kathiawar, British India

Died: April 2, 1933 at Jamnagar Palace, Nawanagar State, British India

Alma Mater: Cambridge University
– Ranji has widely been regarded a one of the greatest batsmen of all time.  He is described as “ The Midsummer Night’s Dream of Cricket”. Ranji took advantage of the improving quality of pitches in his era and played more on the back foot, both in defence and attack. The “Ranji Trophy” was named in his honour and inaugurated in 1935 by the “Maharaja Bhupinder Singh” of Patiala.
He was later Chancellor of Indian Chamber of Princes, and represented India at the League of Nations. His official title was Colonel H. H. Shri , Sir Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji II, Jam Saheb of Nawanagar, Knight Grand Commander (GCSI).

Who is the first cricket player in India?

Name: Lala Amarnath Bharadwaj

Born: September 11, 1911 at Gopipur, Kapurthala State, Punjab, India

Died: August 5, 2000 (aged 88) at New Delhi, Delhi, India

He was the first batsman ever to score a century for India in Test Cricket.
-He was independent India’s first cricket captain and captained India in the first Test series win against Pakistan in 1952.
Lala Amarnath was the captain of the Indian team that toured in Australia in 1947-1948. He was complimented for being straightforward and aggressive, and possessing tactical acumen. Under his leadership, India won its first ever Test against Pakistan in Delhi 1952, and went to win the series 2-1. Amarnath also managed the team when it toured Pakistan in 1945-1955.

Why is cricket so popular in India?

For cricket, Indians have the strength and physical fitness or attributes that allow the, to pay sport competitively. The popularity of cricket in India simply means that it could be easily translated into money. Cricket, in nature, is just really a simple sport.

What are cricketers?

Cricketers are persons who play cricket. Cricketers are not only seen as the players but also they are believed to be the nation’s heroes.

Some of the famous cricketers of India are:
1. Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri– he started his career in the sports as a bowler but later he turned into a battling all rounder.
2. Kapil Dev– he has a record in his name for the greatest number of Wickets taken.
3. Rahul Dravid– he is known as a great batsmen and popularly called as “The Wall” as regarded as the greatest cricketer.
4. Sourav Ganguly– aka “Dada” -he was considered as one of the leading batsmen and also one of the greatest captain s of cricket team.
5. Anil Kumble- he is a right arm bowler and has taken 619 wickets in Test cricket and also remains the 3rd highest wicket taker of all times.
6. Zaheer Khan– he was the 2nd best Indian pace bowler in Test cricket. He was famous for his hostile seam and pace bowling and especially his perfect yorkers.
7. Harbhajan Singh– commonly known as “Bhajji”- he is a specialist spin bowler. He has the 2nd highest number of Test wickets and the first bowler to take a hat trick in Test cricket.
8. Yuvraj Singh– he was the “Man of the match” for the tournament of 2011 World Cup-ICC Cricket. He’s also oner of the top performers at the 2007 T20.
9. MS Dhoni– also known as “Mahi”- he is widely famous for his shot-helicopter and he is also considered as one of the best finisher.
10. Virat Kohli– he is regarded as one of the best cricket players. His record list includes the fastest century by any Indian cricketer in One Day Internationals.

How cricket betting works in India?
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IPL 2021 Auction: 3 Overseas Players that CSK might target

One of the most consistent sides in the history of IPL, the Chennai Super Kings had the worst year in the history in 2020 where they were not qualified for the play-offs for the first time ever. The team performance was bad, CSK’s dependable, MS Dhoni to had a poor season  with the bat. CSK didn’t do many changes in the team having retained 19 player, and losing Watson who retired from all forms of Cricket. That’s the specialty of CSK, which has always believed in showing faith in their players even their performance wasn’t up to the mark.

So having released  quite a few players ahead of Auction, CSK currently have a total of 19 players in their rooster including 7 overseas players. The team has a good balance overall with good players and backups in each category. Shane Watson’s void at the top would prompt CSK to look for a replacement for him. Given the availability of good overseas in the Auction pool, CSk might look to invest heavily in one top-order players. On that note, here’s a list of 3 players that CSK might target in the IPL 2021 Auction.

Australia’s limited-overs captain, Aaron Finch hasn’t had the best of IPL performance over the years. He was also released earlier this year by RCB on account of poor performance in IPL 2020 and high cost. However, CSK could just be the team he has been looking for over the years. MS Dhoni has the tendency to bring out the best from his resources, and Finch might find his mojo in IPL, playing for CSK.He seems a good replacement for Shane Watson at the top, who had retired from the game post IPL 2020 tournament.

Sam BiIlings has registered himself for IPL 2021 Auction after skipping the tournament in 2020. He was a part of the 2018 champions, Chennai Super Kings are played a decent role for them. Having Sam BiIlings in the side, CSK would not only get  a good top-order & middle order batsman but also a good back-up keeper. He is also a regular feature in the England limited-over side, and his past experience can be beneficial to the CSK side. Hence, Sam BiIlings could be a hot target for CSK in the Auction.

In the absence of Suresh Raina, there were rumours that Dawid Malan could replace him.While that’s not technically possible to replace an Indian player with an Overseas player, the headlines did grab a lot of eyeballs ahead of the IPL 2020 tournament. Neverthless, with CSK having just 1 overseas spot left, and that has to go a top-order player ideally, the Wold Nmber 1 T20I batsman, Dawid Malan could well be on CSK’s target list. He has been a great form, and has the right mixture of aggression and defence. With him at the alongside Faf Ruturaj, CSK’s batting outfit would look extremely strong.

So these are the players CSK could target in the IPL 2021 Auction. This upcoming IPL 2021 lets wait and see what will be the performance of  Chennai Super Kings.

Cricket in the lives of Indians

Cricket has been the most admired sport out of all kinds of sports in India, for the past several years. The Indians adore Cricket and a major part of their lives from Breakfast, lunch and dinner Cricket game is almost all they know.

The admiration of cricket is huge that it often comes close to a religion in India. Therefore, the effect of Cricket in Indian people is undeniably big and the Indian Cricket fanatic shows different emotions like they smile in victory ,cry in defeat or winning, become angry if they feel deceived, break up in sorrow in losing , in every achievement or failures of the Indian cricket team.

There are no such children in India, who are very much aware of the basics of cricket and almost all of the children in India use their spare time playing cricket together with their friends even in a loose street. These children grow up together with the game of cricket and as a result, they never leave the game, even at times of great sorrow or after disastrous performances of their team.

Almost all the Indian followers are so fond of the game of cricket that they are too bothered by uncertainties of the cricket game every now and then. Fanatics celebrated every victory in the testing tournament of the team they followed but also fans can’t help it but become harsh in annoyance every time their admired team faces failure.

An additional huge effect of cricket on the India people is that the game has played a main role in the harmony of the opposite parts of Indian as it also becomes a tie up morale for the nation. The game of cricket has been language for the silent and the mum. it has been the comfort, oxygen and fuel for the Indian people. Indians have picked up a lot from Indian Cricket games.

The whole nation becomes one when talking about any major event of the national cricket team and the dispute between the Indian lands fade in every match. Every Indian supports the the players and the team anonymously when the players of different states play together to represent the country during international games and without being bothered if the players are from their states or not. Cricket has also done an amazing job in reducing the significance of religion, social status or group actual as fanatics support every player. All India’s who support Cricket sports share every ups and down , intense emotion to fun as they also get the feeling of being equal in their heart.

The effect of cricket on the Indian people is somehow deep in another sense as well. The Cricket is truly a religion in India. The truth of cricket can actually be termed as the truth of the society as a constant progression of the nation aiming for clarity.


A virus leapt the wet market in Wuhan China and through the earth’s global veins. It caused deaths, crippled economies and introduces us to three new usages, social distancing, lock downs, and bio-secure bubbles. All through 2020, while mankind fought against its muscle memory to spontaneously hug and shake hands, sport was the last thing on anyone’s mind and cricket has no exception.

We might just be in the first quarter of 2020, but the year has already seen the unprecedented shut down of global sports league due to COVID19. Major sports leagues across the world including EPL, La Liga, Seria A, NBA, Champions League, Cricket tournaments are suspended at least until the first week of April as government scramble to contain the spread of the virus which has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization.

COVID-19 has taken a big toll on sports, from cancellation and the postponement of many events and tournament. Indian Premier League (IPL), one of the most keenly awaited events in India has also felt the heat of corona virus, with Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) decided to postpone the start of IPL 2020 season until April 15th with no clear visibility of its start date and a major threat of cancellation looming around. The government of India have mandatorily banned public gatherings in view of public health and safety concerns. The government also suspended visas from most countries which might impact the availability of foreign players in IPL.

The rise of the Indian Premier League is a reflection of the rapid expansion of India’s economy the past few decades. But growth slowed dramatically amid the pandemic. IPL is only going to grow in the years ahead, holding the competition and without any fans is a big inconvenience. But doesn’t change the long-term trends which are making the IPL an even bigger part of  world cricket.

The novel corona virus brought everything to a standstill. With India struggling to latch onto any ray of hope, BCCI announced the delayed of IPL 13th edition which be held in UAE from September 19 to November 10, 2020. Boards face a new normal of bio-secure venues, chartered flights and quarantining teams on arrival. All of this will take time and money, which is increasing the costs of international cricket even as the revenue earned from it decreases.

IPL 2021 has been scheduled between April 11, 2021 and June 6, 2021, but still corona virus was there and we don’t know when it ends. IPL tournament is on going in a new normal way. Let us hope and pray that the whole world will heal and this pandemic will end soon. We just keep in mind that behind the dark clouds of pandemic, there is a sun of HOPE and a rainbow of SUCCESS waiting.!


The internet has changed the way people engage in many activities, including gambling.
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Sometimes, games can be constrained in a land based casino.
Environment can be stressful depends on how the casino teams handles everything.

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Loading an Online casino games in your gadget is very easy considering that game developer adopted the HTML 5 technology.  You can easily play live Casino games via browser app of your device. By Playing in your mobile device, player also have the power to select the most suitable way of playing and enjoy the game in the most comfortable way.

A further edge that is valuable helpful in bringing up is the fact that players have the chance to keep track on their game history. There is no need to remember the exact amount of their placed bets and get dazed by keeping track of their bet choices. This aspect is very advantageous for the players due to the certainty that it provides them to effectively take charge over their funds and cultivate their money management skills. In addition, they have the chance to choose among a wide selection of payment alternatives and purchase online chips by using the most favorable way.                                                                                           


COVID-19, the global pandemic has led to the collapse of several system and structures around the world. Many industries have shut down, and some are on the brim of shutting down. While uncertainty has surrounded the commercial sector in India, there is one industry seeing a significant surge during this pandemic. Due to its spread, the citizens of the country were locked inside their house, stepping out only for essential things and this lock-down led to boredom. For that, people started looking for different ways to kill time and add entertainment and turned their ways to the internet for online activities.

One of the top reasons behind the increase in online casinos in India is the inability to visit land-based casinos have been forced closed by the government. Several regular casino players in India found online casinos the best option to play their favourite games in the online version. Since people have more time at their hands due to the lack of other activities, they spend more time playing games at online casinos, which also brings them the chance to bag money.

The bad effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has also affected big sports events and tournaments. Due to the cancellation of most sports events, the sports betting industry has seen a huge loss since there are no more matches or tournaments to place bets upon. The player’s activity at sports betting sites is reduced significantly, and hence the sports gamblers started to find the alternatives. Therefore, the gamblers who used to visit land-based sports betting halls or place bets on online betting sites have routed their ways towards online casinos.

When it comes to feature, online casinos have walked several extra miles to provide the players with the best. In the earlier times when online casinos were not so famous, the players facing problems like technical glitches or payment issues did not receive very convenient support. But with the time and evolution of the internet, the operator started paying more attention to the quality of player’s gaming experience. Today, in case of any technical problem the players can easily reach out to the customer care support and get their issues solved in a few minutes.

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These were the top reasons behind the rapid growth of online casinos in India, especially during COVID-19.

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Traits of Successful Sports Bettors

Successful sports bettors are a very rare breed. Statistically, it is very uncommon to find an individual that is profitable over the long haul on sports betting. Unfortunately, luck and basic sports knowledge will only get you so far. Below, we’ll go into detail on some of the common traits of successful sports bettors. By fine-tuning some of these skills yourself, you might be able to become a more successful sports bettor. 

Knowledge of Sports Having a good knowledge of sports allows successful sports bettors to understand better things that might impact their wagers. Using their knowledge of sports, these successful bettors have a good understanding of the many different things that can impact the outcome of sporting events. This allows them the chance to make better-educated wagers than someone that is not as knowledgeable about sports.

Strong Math Skills Betting on sports involves a ton of numbers. From historical performance data to bookmaker odds, there are lots of numbers to look at and analyze.

Successful sports bettors tend to have very strong math skills. Using this skill set, they are able to quickly understand what the data they have access to means. Often, these types of bettors will then crunch some serious numbers to help them determine what wagers they want to place. At the end of the day, these bettors use their strong math skills to quickly analyze and interpret data for the sake of making quick and educated betting decisions.

Excellent Money Management

A successful sports bettor will have established strict money management guidelines for themselves, and they will stick to these no matter what. These money management lines will determine how much of their total bankroll will be placed on each wager. Instead of swinging for the fence on each bet, the goal of a successful sports bettor will be to make money over the long haul.

Evaluation of all Games Successful sports bettors make an evaluation of all game factors , not just the basics. Example, consider the health of all players, not just the quarterback and wide recievers. As well often consider things such as team grudges and team coming off of big losses and how the might impact the game. You’ll want to do your best to evaluate everything you possibly can.

Emotional Control One of the biggest things that separates professional gamblers from recreational gamblers is that professionals can control their emotions. Unfortunately, this is not something that too many recreational bettors understand. Emotional control is a tough habit to master. However, it will be impossible to become successful sports bettor if you can’t set your emotions aside. Emotions all too often get in the way of making sound betting decision based solely on data. You have to learn emotional control so that you begin to make decision based on the data as opposed to your emotion.

Strong Discipline Using this strong discipline, these bettors are able to stick to a plan and remain focused on the overall long-term goal.Strong discipline is key in the grand scheme of things if you want to become successful at sports betting. Successful sports bettors will utilize strong discipline in areas such as staking plans, bankroll management, and the overall wager plan of attack. Emotions can play into making poor discipline decisions, which is why these bettors tend to have emotional control and a strong discipline. Without them, it’s too easy to get off track.

 Ability to Take a Long-Term View Successful bettor  know that they won’t win every bet. How ever sport bettor set a goal for themselves that they want to win more often than not. Even in runs of looses, successful bettors understand that there are highs and lows in what they do. It is important for you to be able to take a long-term view if you’d like to become a better sports bettor. Along the way there will be setbacks. However, you need to not get discouraged by these setbacks, and continue to hone your skills. If you give up too quickly and easily, you might be missing out on the something much larger. Then sooner that you can train your self to take a long-term view when it comes to sports betting, the sooner you’ll be more in the line wit successful sports bettor.

Strong Organizational Skills also come in handy with tracking the bets that you placed.Tracking your bets is an important part of the bankroll management. If you’re not able to keep this organized you might quickly find your bankroll in trouble. A successful bettor will keep meticulous records of bets placed along with tracking any associated wins and losses.

Everyone has rough days sports betting, but betting responsibly and sticking to a plan will help you remain successful. Furthermore, constantly maintain a watch to your bankroll. So, maintain a take a look at your bets capacity to select a valid website online with unquestioned and undoubted credentials. 

What to Look for in Playing Live Casino

Dealers Real time games probably is one of the biggest advantages of the live casinos, players can enjoy a favourite table game in real time with a real dealer. This feature let them to witness the gaming  procedure in a very genuine setting as if they were at the land-based version of the casino. They are able to notice the actions of the dealer and keep up to the game very clearly. In addition, all of the dealers at the reputable live be sure that the game will be conducted in the proper manner.

Almost all live casinos use up to date systems which have significantly improved the quality of the gaming process. Thanks to the live streaming technology,  players are able to spot every detail and action of the dealer and how the game is controlled from the beginning till the end. The Up to date technology in use also to secure a high level of protection of their personal information and data which gives the needed peacefulness.

In Live online Casinos you can start playing right away unlike land based casinos where you have to wait for seats to become unoccupied to play. Since software companies are apt to offer a large number of table games with many hosts , you can consistently start playing your favorite roulette, blackjack, poker or other casino game form . This being said, there are some Live blackjack versions that offer a restricted number of seats. Despite that, you will have the chance to bet behind some of the players that have all the live table. This characteristic is perfect for virtual players as they do not have to wait to enjoy their favorite games any time any where. In this website and gaming application  you can experience anything that you’re looking for in an Online live casino.

 Thanks to special offers, players can enjoy many benefits even if they bet only on live-dealer games. Another great perk that players can often enjoy is participating in live casino tournaments  arranged by some gaming websites.  Many Online Casinos give special deals and bonuses only for Live Casino users, which is another reason to give them a try. Thanks to total promotion, players have the chance to improve their winning chances while betting on their favorite live dealer games.  Some interactive casinos also offer cashbacks on losses accumulated on live-dealer games.

As long as you have a steady internet connection, you can load your choice of Live Casino game on your favourite gadgets any time any where. You can enjoy Live casino games is another advantage of it, likely to enjoy most popular table games at any place and time. It has never been so accessible and easy to play online and players can even do it without having to go away from their home. This way they will save time as they don’t have to go to the land-based casino and their travel payments will also be taken out. Even though they won’t be at a sale points casino, they will still be able to have a very authentic experience while playing due to the fact that all of the games are controlled by enticing live dealers in real time. Furthermore, thanks to the change in the live casino industry, many live dealer games can be played on the move.

Some live casinos offer the option to customize a table and determine its order the way players want. They also have special deals and bonuses only for their online users which is another reason to give them a try additional great benefits of playing online live casino is that thanks to the modern technology in use, players can relate to with the rest of the players in the game.