IPL AUCTION is where players in the common pool are sold to the highest  bidder as per the IPL rules and regulations about the formation of the squads.

The unpredictable nature of auction makes it even more exciting as some unknown domestic player gets a multi-million dollar deal.

  In IPL Auction the players are bought for three years for the amount paid during the auction. That means the player gets the auction price every year. The auction is yearly event conducted by Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to auction the cricket players to various franchisees. IPL franchises fiercely bid for the listed players. In IPL Auctions every team has the right to release or retain any number of players.

The player whose contract has been bought for three years by a franchise gets the amount of the winning bid, each year for the next three years.

The unsold players at the end of the auction are also in contention to be brought in as replacements any time before or during the tournament.

  Its interesting to know if how much budget does each team gets,right? To give you some idea; each franchise in the IPL gets a purse of INR80 Crore to assemble the team of Domestic and International Indian players and foreign players. Franchises can of course go  as much close to INR80 Crore as wished.

In the latest  IPL auction that happened in December 2019, Kings XI Punjab had the highest amount- INR 42.70 Crore. Glenn Maxwell and Sheldon Cottrell  are the prime players that they could bid heavily and were able to eventually purchase them. By the end of the auction, still King XI Punjab had the highest amount left in the purse INR16.5.

There are different Categories of Players in the IPL Auction:
-The Capped Indian Players are basically Indian players who have represented India senior’s team in any format of game at least once.
-Uncapped Indian Players are domestic players in the India first-class circuit who have never represented India.
-The Foreign Overseas Players are players which can be capped or uncapped player, or a player from an associate of cricket nation.

The teams undergo prolonged deliberations with the staff and management, the coaches, the retained players and captains before the Auctions. As IPL Auctions are team building in nature,the synergy of the entire team has to be taken into consideration. The captains and the coaches  play the major role in the Auctions.
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In the past few years, IPL has gained immense popularity inviting bettors to form  for all parts of the world. Anyone can participate in IPL betting by creating an account by online bookmakers and following simple steps.

    Before you decide to bet, you have to read some reviews about online betting sites to choose what’s best. It is essential to choose trustworthy betting site. Specific points should be put in mind upon choosing to ensure you have excellent experience betting. You have to check first the license of the bookie and if what currency they accept. Fresh gamblers may find it challenging to select the website a that is harmless and reliable. Check the website for testimonials and recommendations.  

    Different bookmakers offers different odds. So do further research to make sure you’re getting the best odds in IPL cricket matches. It is the best way to maximise your profit-earning potential. No matter what a person is about to get into, they should first carefully go through the rules and regulations of the website they to opt for.

    Each tournament has it’s own characteristics. Not all markets behave same in each tournament. Some cater more to cricket in their sports games compared to other sites. The more markets on offer, the better chances will be at profiting from your wagers.

Betting in IPL is surely rewarding if you do it well. If you research well and know about the team and players with match variables, then you have great chance to land with big winnings. Think about it as relaxation time, it’s all about having a worthy time and a break  from frantic life routines. Everything comes with a price and if that price becomes excruciating, it’s time to take a break and settle down.

   The ultimate rule of gambling is to win money. You have to create winning goals and losing limits and respect these limits as you play. Never forget that in every single time you bet, you may risk your money and losing it all. Your goal is be in control of the money you play with, in every time that you play.

The most important in successful betting is having a complete knowledge on how betting works, strategies and having a LEGIT WEBSITE PLATFORM  which offers optimal betting opportunities. Successful betting is hard work. It’s not about watching a game with your friends and opening an online application and just placing a bet.

Making money from sports betting is not that easy. But if you’re serious about becoming better in sports betting, apply the ideas above- it will help and you ‘ll  be impressed with amazing outcome too.

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Get to Know Rohit Sharma


Rohit Gurunath Sharma is the captain of Mumbai indians and an Indian international cricketer who plays for Mumbai in domestic cricket in the Indian Premier League as a right-handed batsman and an occasional right-arm off-break bowler. He is the vice-captain of the Indian national team in limited-overs formats. Mumbai Indians (MI) Retained Rohit Sharma in IPL 2021.

Sharma is considered an aggressive batsman but with style and gracefulness. He is usually an opening batsman in limited-overs cricket, but has played most of his Test cricket as a middle-order batsman. Sunil Gavaskar considers Sharma to have a batting  technique similar to those of Virender Sehwag and Viv Richards.

The exceptional performer in both the limited overs series and the T20 series has been Rohit Sharma. Like Virender Sehwag before him, he is destructible once he gets going and like Viru he has a hunger for big hundreds. When Viru used to get out watching to hit another dispatch out of the park, there used to be consternation around the ground, just like it is when Rohit gets out to an allegedly casual shot. If Rohit can turn his white ball  draw into red ball cricket, he will be the most destructive batsman in the world after Viv Richards and Virender Sehwag. While Sharma is not a steady bowler, he can bowl right arm off spin. He usually fields in the slips and says this is a part of his game on which he works very hard for advancement..

Other personal Information:

Sharma was born on 30 April 1987 in Bansod, Nagpur, Maharashtra. His mother Purnima Sharma is from Visakhapatnam. His father Gurunath Sharma worked as a caretaker of a transport firm storehouse. Sharma was raised by his grandparents and uncles in Borivali because of his father’s low income. He would visit his parents, who lived in a single-room house in Dombivli, only during weekends. He has a younger brother, Vishal Sharma.

Sharma joined a cricket camp in 1999 with his uncle’s money. His coach at the camp was Dinesh Lad who asked him to change his school to Swami Vivekanand International School where Lad was the coach and which had better cricket facilities. Sharma recollects, “I told him I couldn’t afford it, but he got me a scholarship. So for four years I didn’t pay a penny, and did well in my cricket”. Sharma started as an off-spinner who could bat a bit before Lad noticed his batting ability and promoted him from number eight to open the innings. He excelled in the Harris and Giles Shield school cricket tournaments, scoring a century on debut as an opener

As of 11 January 2021, Sharma had played in 365 international matches (33 Test, 224 ODI, 108 T20I) and scored 39 centuries (6 Test, 29 ODI, 4 T20I).

  Outside cricket, Sharma is an active supporter of animal welfare campaigns. He is the official Rhino Ambassador for WWF-India and is a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). He has worked with PETA in its campaign to raise awareness of the plight of homeless cats and dogs in India.

Where I Can Bet Real Money Online?

Gambling is an activity of betting where someone risks money or belongings, gambling online for the first time can be quite scary. After all, you are risking real money that you’ve probably had to work hard for so it’s natural to a little nervous. There isn’t really much to worry about though. If you’re sensible with your money,and make sure that you’re careful about which sites you use, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t have a great time from the moment you start betting or gaming on the web.

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Online Gambling As A Side Hustle

People would have want to have an extra source of income. For those who want to stretched their salary looks for side jobs. Others do freelance work while others teaches online to supplement their work. Others decided to kill two birds with one stone. Online casino has soared with popularity over the past years, more so today due to  Covid -19 pandemic. As the passing of the time, casino has evolved and now offers  thousand of games, giving the players the chance to experience a live casino from home with live table games and made it available in several platforms with the likes of desktops, laptops, smart phones an smart watches.

How can Online gambling be a great side hustle if it is never been so accessible?

Free sign up bonuses

Most of online casinos offers welcome bonuses for new and returning players. It offers in different forms. It could be in the form of free spins for slot games or free money to be used on the site. You will still be earning money even if you loose for some casinos as they started to provide cashback incentive as welcome bonus.

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So much had change for online casino. Gone was  the time that you’ll be needing a desktop that needs to plugged into a power source. The breakthrough of the technology made online casinos accessible through various platforms possible. Utilizing online casino on smart phones are nothing new, even so it is  comparatively new for some of the players to experience the same quality without sacrificing their mobility. This kind of  convenience offers players the ability to participate without being interrupted whilst  playing poker.

Relaxing and Enjoyable

There are people that don’t gamble or visits physical casinos just to make money.

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IPL is miles ahead of any other franchise league in the world and one of the biggest sporting extravaganzas in the calendar. Last year IPL 2020, the success of the tournament was a reflection of the management and the professionalism of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

It is always difficult to make predictions for T20 franchise league where every season sees changes in the sides. Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming tournament, there is curiosity in mind of the people for which team will be the winner in the IPL 2021. At this moment, it is difficult to tell which team will do the 2021 IPL final. But we can predict based on their past tournaments, as well as their performance.

Here are some list of winner predictions which give you ideas on which teams have a great chance to win in IPL 2021 final.  

*  MUMBAI INDIANS- they are the most successful team in the tournaments history. They have a bunch of young and exciting cricketers who are well guided by the experienced blokes. They also look well set and their bench are strong enough to form another franchise and make it to the play-offs. Let’s see what they can do this year.  

*  ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE- this team never won the IPL, but finished runners-up on three occasions between 2009 and 2016. Despite their lack of success over the years, we have to wait and see what would be their new performance this year. Let’s give them a chance to prove their ability that would bring them to win the title on the upcoming tournament.  

* KOLKATA KNIGHT RIDERS- the franchise of this team was owned by celebrity owners, that is why the team gained immense popularity. They become the IPL champions in 2012 defeating Chennai Super Kings (CSK), and won the Second title in 2014 defeating Kings XI Punjab. For that, they have a great chance to win and be a major contender for the title.

* CHENNAI SUPER KINGS- 2020 was the worst season for the team and its first time they were not among the Top 4. However, their past tournament was amazing, they lifted the IPL title thrice form ( 2010, 2011 and 2018). This team also have the highest win percentage among all the teams in IPL. There is no doubt if they won the title again this year.

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Reasons why IPL is the most famous in all format of Cricket

The IPL is a professional Twenty20 Cricket league in India contested annually by franchise teams representing Indian cities. Being a domestic league, unlike the World Cup, an Indian team always wins. The IPL is the most attended cricket league in the world.

Here are reasons why IPL more popular than any other cricket tournament in India.

Money and more Money

Its like earning cores for just 15 day matches. Much more than other tournaments. Plus it is hosted in India , the country with the most cricket following in the world. Therefore a large unit is put in telecasting. From world-class players to Bollywood everything  just adds into the money , like a multiplying machine. If you consider other leagues, there aren’t much money, players and viewers.

No Strings Atttached

We can easily support and cheer for our favourite players regardless which nation he is from. Naturally we cannot support cheer for ABD or Malinga when they play against India even though they are our favourite. Here when we talk about IPL, keeping aside supporting our cities, we get a chance to support our favourite players and idolize them.

Legend to Young Blood
IPL has all the players who have retired from world cups and test crickets playing in the teams of IPL , giving us a chance to watch the “BIG NAMES” play on the fields once again.

Strategic Time Outs
These games can be frantic! We know you hate interruptions, but these allow you to get your breath back, make a cup of tea and go to the loo without missing any of the action. Which is much needed while watching these nail biting matches.

IPL is not only about cricket, it’s about being in the limelight. Again the involvement of Bollywood celebrities and industrialists investing money on the teams capture a lot of media. The IPL- with all its glamour and grandeur, is more of a high intensity bollywood field than a cricket tournament and that’s exactly how we should enjoy it!

The Perfect Length
Unlike the other tournaments held in the world of cricket , IPL T20  has a very short game period, of just about 3 hours. People don’t need to skip their daily routine and again this adds to massive viewer ship not just in the stadium but also on online streaming platforms. IPL held between April and May.


 It automatically increases the number of viewers.the involvement of celebrities also bring in a large part of the crowd. The promotions and advertisements of IPL are done in huge amounts,  the presence of old cricketers altogether gather a large mass.

So, these were some of the reasons that IPL is more popular than other cricket leagues.

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India vs England: Day 1, 3rd Test Highlights

According to their pace spearheads, Ishant Sharma and Jimmy Anderson, India and England go into a critical third test beginning Wednesday at the world’s biggest cricket stadium with more than a series between two of the biggest rivals at stake.

In reaction to England’s 112, India was 99/3 all out on Wednesday’s opening day of the day-night third test. At the close of play, opener Rohit Sharma was batting on 57 and Vice-Captain Ajinkya Rahane was giving him company on 1.

The three wickets to fall for India are Shubman Gill (11), Cheteshwar Pujara (0) and skipper Virat Kohli. Earlier, six wickets were snared by left-arm spinner Axar Patel while Ravichandran Ashwin took three as England crashed to 112. The highest scorer for the tourists was Zak Crawley (53).

With the four-match series tied at 1-1, to be able to hold alive their dreams of reaching the World Test Championship final against New Zealand, both sides need a victory in Ahmedabad.

In order to get through, India just needed to win the series, while England had to win 3-1. It would let Australia through a tied series.

In both camps, which have each recorded a crushing win in the first two matches, the tension is rising.

Fans on wednesday match breached the bio-bubble and security protocol on the ongoing 3rd test as India captain Virat Kohli entered the field of play and meet them. Kohli, though, was quick to notice him from far away and he took a few steps back quickly, telling the fan to come back. The fan turned around after noticing his mistake and saw that the whole audience was beginning to applaud.

There is a high degree of strictness as part of the bio-bubble guidelines, and the players and match officials are not permitted to meet anybody. Even, with any precaution taken care of, the preparation sessions before the match are performed. In the ongoing pink-ball test at the Narendra Modi Stadium, 50 per cent of the crowd was allowed.

When a GCA official was questioned by ANI about the fan breaking the protocols, he replied: “We will look into the matter and we will find out who the fan was. Some sort of action we will take as the matter is serious and safety of everyone is of utmost importance.”

One player might be benched for the whole season of IPL 2021

At the IPL auction, held in Chennai on 18th February by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), since keeping, releasing or selecting new players, the teams have their final squads with them for the 14th T20 Extravaganza version.

The plans for the forthcoming 2021 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) have begun for all eight IPL franchises as they are now strategizing about which players to include in the playing XI and how to continue with the players they have in the squad. Even if all the franchises gave their all to have the best players in their roster, there are some worthy players in each team who will have to warm the bench for the entire 2021 season after doing well on the international or domestic circuit.

After being drafted by the IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) at its base price of INR 20 lakhs, Kona Srikar Bharat, fondly known as KS Bharat, made an entrance into the 2021 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Bharat was previously picked in their squad by Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals) but has yet to make his T20 Extravaganza debut.

In the meantime, as the Bangalore outfit is already equipped with two stunning wicketkeeper-batsmen in the shape of AB De Villiers and Josh Philippe, the chances of the wicketkeeper-batsman making his debut this year also look slim. AB is expected to be the first choice wicketkeeper for RCB, just like the previous season, while Philippe can donate the gloves in his absence.

Although KS Bharat may have to warm up the bench for the entire IPL 2021, with the greatest of the game including Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell and AB de Villiers, he will get an opportunity to learn a lot of stuff in the nets and rub shoulders.

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We all have our favourite teams and players, and we want to see them win. Cricket is more than just a game, it is like a religion in India which has a huge fan following. According to the market researched conducted by the International Cricket Council (ICC), cricket has over a billion fans globally with the Indian sub-continent alone consisting more than 90 percent of them.

The contribution of IPL to the size of India’s GDP pie is highlighted by the KPMG survey. During the IPL season, there was a significant rise in tourism with a large number of international visitor  from other countries. Cricketers from other countries like United Kingdom, Africa and Australia came to India to play from various clubs, bringing their fans, which result in increased sports tourism in India.

Since IPL cricket matches are played all over India, they bring vast media coverage. Some cities are investing more in the cities infrastructure and development benefits from IPL’s media exposure. Furthermore, while the IPL has increased BCCI revenues, it also resulted in greater tax contributions, which means higher government revenues.

The IPL teams earn revenue through their sponsors and from the stalls set in stadiums. But of course the biggest revenue a team can earn is the prize money for the winning team. Since the IPL earn so much through sponsorship, their is the greater income available to purchase cricketers.    

Popular tournaments like IPL, creates jobs and business opportunities to the small vendors who depend in seasonal income. In this case, vendors get to employ people to meet the seasonal demand and help them earn decent incomes.

The experience of watching live sports like IPL and the spirit of the competition in the stadium creates excitement among kids and youths and encourage them to play and excel in chosen sport. When there’s more participation, they may get better infrastructure and facilities for playing different games in schools and residential communities.

To sum up it all, IPL has an impact on the Indian economy as it produces numerous employment opportunities, from gatekeeper to the players on the field and is the biggest sports event in India.